Unique Venues Birmingham. The antidote to mundane

Unique Venues Birmingham is a new company that promises refreshing spaces for hire at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the Library of Birmingham for conferences and events. 

Most event venues are ugly and disappointing. Lots of beige. Hideously patterned carpets. Vertical blinds that have seen better days. Those little single serving pots of UHT milk. PowerPoint.

As a brand new entrant into the Birmingham event space market, we needed a campaign that primarily drove awareness of these newly available venues – and enquiries. Give event planners a more interesting option. No-one wants a mundane event on their conscience.

The tactic: Position Unique Venues Birmingham as the antidote to all that blandness. By highlighting the unthinkable – that your event might be dull, bland and forgettable, UVB’s startling spaces become the solution.

The dystopian visuals featured in this campaign are really what make it. Kudos to the man, the legend, the photographer. Mr. Martin Brent.