Superdream. Normal sleeps. Super dreams

A film project which comprised part of a new brand positioning for Worcestershire and Brisbane-based communications agency, Superdream. Filmed and edited by those lovely chaps at HIPSTER.

As creative agencies are fond of saying, always look forward, and ‘Normal sleeps. Super dreams’ keeps that front of mind. If you’re not developing and growing, then you’re dead. 

Superdream has an obsession with giving exceptional client service, a broad service offer – broader than most and an ambition to keep growing into one of the biggest and the best. All joined together by the desire to create better and better work.

‘Normal sleeps. Super dreams’  is a statement of intent. To remind the agency to challenge clients and the agency itself. To push forward and to not be afraid to push back when it’s required. The intent to stay on the do the very best at every opportunity. This is the path to success. 

That path is a quest. The quest to defeat normal.