A career creative in design and advertising, I started out back in 1987 straight from college as not much more than a tea boy at a design studio in Bournville. Spending more time in school wasn't for me.

Since those very different times, I've seen this industry routinely turn itself inside out every few years and remained part of it continuously. From drawing boards to laptops; brochures and leaflets to websites and emails; from advertising to more and more and yet more advertising; from gut feel and long shots to big data and AI. 

I’ve spent my career working for small to medium-sized agencies in the Midlands for local, national and international clients of all shapes and sizes. I've conceived ideas and followed them through to be every kind of output imaginable – from beer mats to national TV campaigns and everything in-between. 

I do like to think I make a pretty decent cup of tea but since those humble beginnings I’ve worn lots of different hats: setting up and running artwork studios; orchestrating successful pitches for international clients against world-class competition; designing and project managing enterprise-level web builds; devising and curating complex brand roll-outs for public and private sector organisations; co-founding and nurturing a successful creative agency from nothing; being Creative Director of an agency with offices on opposite sides of the world and I’m always ready to try on something new. Most recently, I’ve discovered I’m a fairly handy speech writer. 

It's a journey no doubt about it and latterly it feels as if the industry resembles more of a science than anything approaching art. But it's the art that drew me in, and it's the art that keeps me interested.

These projects are my current favourites. Some are all my own work, some are the output of departments I have curated. They all demonstrate my creative aesthetic.

I'm not attached to an agency or studio any more, I'm done with all that. I'm a solo operator. A gun-for-hire, as they say. A very good friend I used to work for said to me when we were discussing this move “Why don’t you just be Steve? That’s what people like about you.”

So here I am.

If you like what you see and here and want to talk about a project give me a call on +44 (0)7881 955493, send an email to or fill in the form below if you prefer that sort of thing. Thanks for looking.

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